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HIV and the immune system
Disease progression
Monitoring immune health
Symptom observation
Lab studies and blood analysis
CD4 + Testing
Viral Load Testing
Summary: Testing
Intervention against HIV
General health maintenance
Supportive therapies
Antiviral Strategy
Immune modulating strategy
Opportunistic infection strategy
When to start treatment
Available treatments
The Bottom Line

Available treatments

Project Inform provides information on the use of the best proven HIV treatments. These and any other treatments should only be used under the care of an experienced physician. We encourage patients and physicians to enter into collaborative relationships with shared responsibility for achieving and maintaining health. Treatment should always be accompanied by monitoring which evaluates the success or failure of treatment. Both patient and physician should be prepared to adjust strategy based on the results of the monitoring process. This model of flexible, monitored treatment used in the context of a collaborative doctor/patient relationship is the key to managing HIV as a chronic illness.

Complete information on treatments currently viewed as helpful is readily available, along with discussion papers on related topics. Just ask for the basic "treatment package." The latest information on these and other important treatment issues is available through the Project Inform Hotline.

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