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HIV and the immune system
Disease progression
Monitoring immune health
Symptom observation
Lab studies and blood analysis
CD4 + Testing
Viral Load Testing
Summary: Testing
Intervention against HIV
General health maintenance
Supportive therapies
Antiviral Strategy
Immune modulating strategy
Opportunistic infection strategy
When to start treatment
Available treatments
The Bottom Line

Supportive therapies

This category, sometimes called a holistic approach, can include various supplementary approaches, such as: stress reduction; massage; visualization, yoga and relaxation techniques; psychological and spiritual support; natural medicines; and many others. Many of these can be helpful in dealing with symptoms of illness, drug side effects, and keeping one's peace of mind. Taken alone, however, they won't solve the problem. Unfortunately, some practitioners of complementary approaches become dogmatic, urging their use to the exclusion of all others, even the medicines recommended by physicians. When presented in this manner, this approach can be harmful and may discourage one from getting necessary medical attention. The best practitioners see these as complimentary rather than alternative therapies and work in conjunction with physicians.

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