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(Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) The most advanced stage of HIV infection; marked by severe, potentially fatal illnesses and a very low CD4 cell count.
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the invasion by and multiplication of tiny organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses parasites, etc.) in the body
CD4 cells:
(T cells or helper cells): white blood cells in your immune system that help fight infection.
Combination therapy:
Taking more than one drug to attack the virus at different stages (also known as a cocktail).
Compromise my standards:
to make a shameful or disreputable concession. I'm a decent looking young man and I have a terrific personality. I do however have one flaw that makes me unattractive to most of the guys that I would be attracted to myself, I'm HIV+. However I know that Mr. Right is out there somewhere and he's going to see me for me and not be hung up on this little resident virus. Compromising my standards would mean that I'm about to settle for less than what I deserve to make me happy.
A critter (in the gay world) is an ugly, young guy.
tiny organisms (germs) such as yeast that can cause infection.
(Human Immunodeficiency Virus): a virus that attacks you immune system, making your body unable to defend itself against infection.
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Immune system:
the body's defense mechanism again infection
the invasion by and multiplication of tiny organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses parasites, etc.) in the body
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Opportunistic infections:
infections caused by various tiny organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses parasites, etc.) because your immune system is not working correctly
a person I could potentially see myself falling for.
the ability of HIV to change so that the medicine you are taking doesn't work as well as it should anymore
Undetectable viral load:
viral load is below the level that the test is able to measure
Viral load testing:
a test that measures how much of the HIV virus is in your bloodstream
tiny organism that must infect another cell to survive and multiply
White blood cells:
cells that make up your immune system. CD4 cells are a type of white blood cell.