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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you out to your parents?

    • Yes, I am out to my parents. I came out to them in the summer of 99. My mom is understanding of it, but my dad, I think doesn't accept it.

  • How did you catch HIV?

    • (July 28, 2000)  "I got it from a condom break. Late December I got together with a friend; things lead places; after everything was over with we later find out that the condom had broke sometime during."

  • How long have you known you have been HIV+?

    • (Counter)  "I can't really remember the exact precise moment when I was infected, but I found out I was HIV+ on July 7."
  • What meds are you on?

    • I'm on the following medications
      Sustiva (efavirenz)
      Stavudine (or Placebo)
      Tenofovir DF (or Placebo)